Sunday, December 29, 2013

Things we've tried for our two SPD kiddos

Okay, it's been a long while since I have posted but I'm back again although I am not sure for how long. I had been debating for quite some time about deleting this blog but there are many people who view this page so I leave it up.

Anyhow, that being said, I've really been struggling lately as I have more than just one SPD kiddo and it's driving me nuts! My oldest is 8 and puts everything in the mouth. No joke. The rubber part of lego wheels, electrical cords, paper, plastic, balloons. In the mouth it goes. Mind you he knows better. We got some bubba straws for him to chew on... it's not working. Gum is not an option because then he's playing with it and sticking it on things in my house. Not quite sure what to do about it. Then there is my 3 yr old. I kinda had an idea that she also had SPD when she'd only stay asleep with a big therapeutic heavy pillow on top of her. She CRAVES tactile input... especially if it's sticky. (She emptied a bottle of tacky glue all over our table (I was washing dishes and thought it was flour from the board of the gingerbread cookies) and began to dance, stomp, smear, squish, and try to eat it. Bleck! She too has a fancy for electrical cords so I'm constantly handing her a bubba straw. We've tried the baby toys that are a fruit and when you bite on them they vibrate which doesn't hold her interest for very long. So this is just a way for me to get the juices going.

Things I know that work well for my 3 yr old:
- Playdoh
- Sticker activity books
- Anything with glue (non-toxic)

Things I know that work with my  8 yr old:
- Cutting, gluing, artwork
- Bubba Straws
- Chewy candy (not gum or he plays with it and sticks it everywhere)
- Cooking
- Roller blading (okay I know this is not what you expected but with hockey gloves and this distraction it makes it more difficult)