Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lycra Swing

If you have been to occupational therapy you might have seen a swing made of really stretchy fabric. That fabric is called Lycra and can be found at craft stores. It is really easy to put up. Tie loops in the end of the lycra securely using several knots and place the hook in. Hook one end to each eye hook or place them both on the same eye hook. You will need ot experiment with how low you want it with your child who'll be using it.
One sibling checking on the other after spinning
to make sure they're okay or to ask to have a turn.

Lycra (guessing 3yrds)

There are so many ways to use this tool but the main ones are to swing (in several different ways), bounce or spin. My son loves to climb up one side to touch the ceiling and he also loves to sit in it to watch a movie as if it were a comfy chair.
Pros: Tactile, Vestibular, and Proprioceptive senses can all be met in this swing. It doesn't fray so no sewing is required. It also can last a very long time.
Cons: It can be EXPENSIVE!
Solution: Look around at your local fabric stores. If you can find coupons for 50% off or more it might be worth it depending on the stores prices. Look in the clearance piles. We found ours and got more than what we needed for about $40. Recently I came across more at Wal-mart in a clearance type bin and it was on a bolt for $5 for 5 yards. I didn't use it for a homemade Moby wrap for my baby but it very well could have been used for a sensory swing.


  1. Can you give some more details on how you hung this swing?

  2. Yeah, I'll do a more detailed post but I'll need to go to the hardware store to do it as I don't know the names of the screws/hooks or washers that were used. I might be able to look them up online but I'll work on that.

  3. could you share or recall enough detail how many yard i would need for someone who is 200lbs

    1. Honestly I don't know how many yards per pound. You might consider if you're looking at that much weight buying one through a company simply due to weight and durability. For my kids my oldest weighs approximately 50lbs. For him we use I think about 3 yds if that but you have to consider the fact of tying knots to secure it as well. We bought more than what we needed and adjusted it as needed by having him sit in it. It also depends on your hook-up system that you have up. You might consider contacting SouthPaw Enterprises or some of the others that I have listed in the pages. Hope that helps a little bit.

  4. Somewhat of an old post but I figured I'd weigh in anyway. I just built something like this the other day.

    The material I used is 18% spandex and 82% something-that-isnt-stretchy (I don't remember what.) The local fabric store sells it as "swimsuit material." I have 8-foot ceilings. Based on what other companies are selling and recommending their products for (I found single- and double- layer versions, recommended for 40lbs, 60lbs, and 120lbs) combined with my own experimentation, I can offer you a decent guesstimate:

    60lbs per layer, 1.5 yards length for an 8-foot ceiling. Everything's rough: +/- a foot or 10 lbs isn't going to be a huge deal.

    The thickness / layer count is mostly about preventing it from stretching to the point where the non-stretchy part takes over: at some certain amount of stretch, it just "stops" and you want to avoid that. The non-stretchy part of the fabric is quite strong: 130lbs won't rip one layer, it just isn't very stretchy at that load.

  5. How did you finish the corners to tie off to the rings?

  6. How do you launder it?