Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tire Swing

One of the things I remember when our son was in occupational therapy was a huge intertube that was hung from the ceiling. The valve was taped down and the tube had a wrap around where the rope held the tire. When my kids started fighting over the lycra swing once again I decided it was time to get a new swing. I called around looking for used intertubes at Les Schwab but couldn't find any although they would have given them to me for free if they had any.

Tire Swing (Tube Only)
This is how the tire swing is ridden.
This photo was taken off the
Special Needs Toys website
because we don't post pics
of our kids on the internet. At their
site it costs $125 tax included.

I got in touch with one store who had a person who knew what a sensory swing was as all the previous Les Schwab stores I called had no clue of what I was talking about and the easiest way to describe what I was doing was an indoor tire swing. He told me that what I needed was a 10,000/20 intertube which runs around $35 dollars. (The only thing I can tell you to help you if you decide to do this type of swing is the second number, in this case the 20, is the size of the hole in the center.) I called one more store and after explaining what I was going to be using it for he decided to sell a brand new one to me for $25 dollars. (Make sure if they give a price or deal over the phone you take down the name so they can confirm your story.)
One suggestion they did make was that it is better to get a new one if you can as the used ones can be covered in rust and have holes and gunk on them and it might not be something you want your kid to touch or worse... taste.


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  2. Your swing has a 20 inch diameter in the middle? Is that a good size? How tall are your children?

  3. Yeah, I'd say it does. It hasn't been up for some time but my kiddos were about 3-7 yrs old. I will tell you that unless you have strong fabric the tube WILL not stay as round like what you see in the picture. If you only have a rope. We tried to reinforce with duct tape and that helped some but mind you my kids were about 45 lbs at the time. Usually they liked to climb on top of it and swing.