Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspiration for Cheap Ideas

One of the things that inspires me in finding or figuring out how to make cheap therapy tool alternatives is by going and getting magazines from therapy stores that I find on the internet. I look for the sensory input area I need for with my son and then find what products are being used commercially and see if I can find material that will give a simular sensation for a cheaper price. Examples of this would include the intertube swing which I made for $25 rather than spending $125. A scooter board you can get for around $18+ dollars which you can make for less than 1/2 that price. (That is my son's next project.) Using an old sheet filled with old pillows or packing peanuts for a crash pad or a 2X4 to make a balance beam are also cheap things you can probably find around for free.
Some things can be bought at stores for a fraction of the price. Balls, bins, stretchy toys, blown in musical instruments, bubbles, ropes are just a few things I have found at dollar stores. (There will be a post on this later I hope.)
Just make sure what you purchase will work for your child. For instance, I know what my son's meltdowns are like and that bins from the dollar store are easily broken in the middle of a rage. It is more cost effective and safer (broken sharp pieces of plastic) for me to spend a buck or two more for a less destuctable bin or option that then cheaper product.

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