Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aqua Sand

Well, a few years Moon Sand was all the rage and I admit we jumped on board before we had a recipe. However, this year they came out with Aqua Sand which I haven't even tried but I hear it's just as good as Moon Sand but a different texture. Out of curiousity I went and sought out a recipe to make Aqua Sand and suprisingly found one. Like all the recipes I have put them on the how to page for ease of access.

Aqua Sand

clean colored sand
scotch guard (aerosol can)
baking pan/newspaper

Step #1
Spread out the sand nice and even across the pan and let it bake for at least one hour at a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees. All you are trying to do here is get the sand completely dry before moving on. You can alter the time and temperature in the oven depending upon how much sand you are working with.

Step #2
Once the sand is totally dry take it out of the oven so that it can cool down. Once it is cool to the touch you want to spray it with the Scotch guard. Now mix the sand up and spread it out across the baking pan. If you do not want to spray the Scotch guard on your nice baking pan you can always put the sand on the newspaper and spray it there.

Step #3
Spray it again with the Scotch guard. Go ahead and do with mix and spray one final time. Give the sprayed sand a few hours to dry out completely. Once the baked and dried sand has been sprayed, let it sit overnight to get good and dry. This sand is now hydrophobic and will behave exactly like Aqua Sand, and it is ready for you to make amazing underwater arts and crafts creations.

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