Sunday, February 6, 2011

What type of playdough should I use?

Play-doh is a great theraputic tool for kids and the nice thing is there are so many types you can make and it's cheap. All one has to do is type in play-doh recipes' or 'playdough' recipes and you will find all sorts of them. Seeing these recipes are so easy to come by I thought I would share some of the differences in recipes.

Store Bought - The texture is very smooth and it is colored very brightly. The dought is easily shapable and moldable and it usually comes in kits with all sorts of gismos and gagets which can be quite fun.

Kool-aid Playdough - This playdough has the smell of the flavor of kool-aid you pick. It is a smoother dough like the store bought.

Edible Playdough - This playdough is made usually from peanut butter. If you happen to have a very young child or a child allergic or sensitive to nuts of any sort I suggest you not try these types of recipes unless you can find one made different. I have yet to find one but a good alternative would be cookie dough made without eggs.

Glitter playdough - For those of us brave enough to have glitter in our homes and with kids who love some sparkle this might be the dough for you. You actually can add it into any dough (except edible) to give it a little sparkle and change the texture depending on how much glitter you include.

Salt Dough - This dough typically has tons of salt but depending on how it is used in the recipe will determine the texture. If you just pour salt into the flour mixture you'll get more of a grainy texture; however if you boil the water and disolve the salt in the boiling water it tends to have less of a grainy feel to it.

Clay - I do not have a recipe for this but you can find it at craft stores or from the ground depending on where you live. Clay tends to be stiffer than playdough but watch out it is tougher to get out of carpets than playdough.

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