Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toys 4 Sensory Swings for Cheap

One of the things I did to get different toys for my the sensory swing for FREE was taking the pieces off my parents old toy structure they where going to pull down due to it being so weak. From that structure I was able to get a set of rings, two swings, and a bar. All I had to do was put new rope on them and hang them up on our hooks and the kids were immediately swinging. There are many people trying to get rid of their metal swings and it might be worth asking if you can get the various toys off the set before they get rid of them. Most of them are made of plastic of some sort and still have lots of use in them rather than buying the individual pieces at a store. Various structures have various toys on them so you might find things like a rope ladder, baby swing, a ring bar combo, and so forth that you can add to your home therapy.

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