Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stop Tipping Your Chair!

I can't tell you how many times I heard this in school growing up and I think a lot of kids do it. A child with sensory issues might do this same action for the rocking motion or because they need to have some pressure input. I have heard of a few ideas if this is a problem.

  1. This one is really cheap and easy to do and that would be putting a rubber band on the chair's legs so they can press their feet against the rubberbands. The negative side to this is the rubberband depending on how thick can break. The next step up is the rubber stretch bands for exercise or therapy to strengthen muscles which won't break.
  2. You can make a weighted lap blanket to sit on their lap.
  3. Replace their chair with an exercise ball
  4. Replace their chair with an exercise ball with a stand that keeps the chair in one place rather than rolling everywhere.
  5. Get an air cushion for like balancing to put on the chair.
  6. Allow them to take their shoes off and put something on the floor to give them a different sensation such as a foot massager, sand paper, or something to rub their feet on. You might even try like sandpaper on the legs of the chairs.
  7. Allow them to stretch an exercise band with their feet.
  8. Allow them to stand rather than sit
  9. Get some exercise weights that velco on to put on their ankles
  10. Get one of those pillows you can put your feet into and it vibrates

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