Books for Kids

Here are some books I have found specifically for kids with sensory issues or who are on the autism spectrum or for their brothers or sisters. These might also be a way to talk to other kids about why your child does what he or she does.

  • The Chameleon Kid: Controlling Meltdown Before He Controls You by Elaine Marie Larson ~ This book is probably geared for elementary school children. It is laid out in rhyming style and the pictures look more or less like a comic book in a way. It talks about the different feelings of going into a meltdown and the solution is the second portion of the rhyme. The idiom used on each page talks about what you need to do instead of allowing the negative feelings and actions control you. The pages are very bright and the backgrounds are kind of patterned so it might be too much for some kids with sensitivies visually. I did not find this book on but I did find it at our local library.
  • Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson ~ This book is geared for helping other children understand kids with autism. The characters are very gentle natured realizing there is something different. It does a wonderful job showing how to interact with a child who is not social who is on the spectrum.
These books I am not sure if they're attatched to their link yet because I have not read these books personally. However here is the list which you can look up each title in if you'd like for more details.