Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPD or SID?
SPD stands for Sensory Processing Disorder. SPD also goes by a different name which is less common which is Sensory Integrated Dysfunction.

What is an OT?
An OT is an occupational therapist. Typically these therapists will be the ones dealing with a person who has SPD.

What is occupational therapy?
Occupational therapy (OT) is a therapy to help people become functioning again to do their occupation. For kids, their occupation is to play and learn and sometimes they need therapy to learn skills to help them function in just every day tasks. Occupational therapy is very successful.

What is a sensory diet?
A sensory diet is activites that you do with your child every single day sometimes multiple times a day to help them get the sensory input they need according to their personal needs. Many times this is set up with the help of an occupational therapist who individualizes a plan specifically for your child and his or her needs.

How can I best help my child?
The best way to help your child is be involved and learn all you can about your child's disorder. Many times certain behaviors will drive you nuts and it will take a lot of patience and understanding. You will have to be an advocate for your child as not many people are aware of SPD because many people think only children with Autism behave that way. Many times you may feel there is something wrong and no one will be able to see what you are. Continue to pursist in getting your child help. We went over 3 years trying to find someone to help us with our son. It can be a rough road but if you're not comfortable with what they're telling you seek out someone else until you are heard and your child is getting the help they need.

Sensory Awareness month is in October

What does the Sensory Awareness Ribbon look like?
It is supposed to be Reflex Blue which is a darker blue.

What other disorders can have sensory issues?
Many disorders can come with sensory issues. SPD can also be a single diagnosis with no other disorders. Disorders it is common with are autism, ADHD, OCD, and bipolar disorder.

Do all kids with Autism have sensory issues?
No, not all kids with Autism have sensory disorders.

What month is Autism awareness month?
Autism Awareness month is April

What does the Autism Awareness Ribbon look like?
It is puzzle pieces in bright colors although red, yellow, light blue and a dark blue are the typical colors used there is no rule that says it has to be those colors.

Why Does a OT Use Beans and Rice?
If your child happens to be one who is tactile defensive or sensitive to touch to the point they won't play in sand or in the grass. Beans and rice are bigger and smoother and will be tolerated easier than other things. Gradually, as your child learns to learn to touch different things they'll move on to other things. Beans and Rice are just a first stepping stone in many cases.
What month is Sensory Awareness month?