Monday, May 19, 2014

Things we've done recently

I know I don't type on here usually but college is taking it's toll. In fact I will be taking a year off it looks like. My kiddos need my attention and that is more important than getting a degree at this point.

Here is an incomplete list of things we have done:

Races - We live on a hill and it has been a lifesaver to encourage our kids to run. We also do them in the house but we have them do things like slither like a snake (no hands or feet) Walk while holding your heels (looks like a turkey), donkey kicks, and so forth.

Treadmill - We do have one and it makes it great to get the kids' energy out on rainy days.

Electronic Devices - While I don't encourage this one particularly it does have it's place. My kiddo HATES Costco. Seriously, just the thought of going there causes whining uncontrollably. I have found with something like a leapster, ipad, ipod, DS has seriously mellowed him out in the store. I'm not sure what he dislikes about the store but it's only that one. My word of caution is that he does tend to get VERY addicted to it so before hand we must set the rules or limitations.

Weighted toy - This wasn't for my kiddos but for my nephew who was having a hard time sleeping but tends to pull blankets over his face while sleeping. We found a stuffed toy at the thrift store, cleaned it up. (Mind you this was a good quality toy so the stitching was good and the toy MUST lay on it's stomach with it's legs outward like a beanie baby.) I cut a hole in the bottom because I didn't want to have to deal with the seams. I then removed all the stuffing except the head and make fabric patches filled with the plastic pellets you'd put into stuffed toys or a weighted blanket and then sewed it up. I didn't take pictures of it or the process.

Stirring - We have done things like make bread and pizza dough and cookies. The things like making bread use a lot of muscles in the arms. Stirring thick cookie dough does the same. It also means I don't have to move my mixer. :)

Kiddie Pool - We got the bigger one that is hard plastic. It has it's joys and draw backs but you can fill it with anything. My husband it's too keen on messes so some of the things has to be done outside. Usually they're done before garbage day so I can throw them out but things like shredded paper, cut up pool noodles, rice, beans, cut up foam, and pillows all have been successful.

So there are a few things we have been doing. The nice thing for us is that slowly the kiddos are learning HOW to deal with their sensory issues on their own and figure out which things work for them and which things don't. They can also communicate their needs. Does it solve all the problems... no. Our kiddo who is hard-of-hearing can have difficulty communicating this stuff with us so we see a LOT of climbing and independence even though we use a lot of resources to help her communicate.


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