Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3-2-1 Contact

Hands and feet on the contact paper in our kitchen.
The carpet didn't work well because I didn't tape it
down very well. The vinyl worked great and this is
about a 3 foot piece taped down where their hands
and feet are.

One thing that I have not tried with my kids but I have read about is getting some contact paper and allowing your child to walk on it with their bare feet. Some kids really love the sticky sensation and others like the noise. For a different feel you can use socks, tights or shoes. You can try different body movements like crawling across it or rolling across it. You can then examine all the things the contact paper collected from your socks and clothing. To get it to stay down you can use masking tape or some other tape and tape it to the floor. (Masking tape tends to work best on carpets.) Be sure to secure it very well. I happened to do what I called a sticky runway for them to run on since my son stims in a straight line. It ended when the tape gave away and they were tangled in it which was even more fun. Thankfully it didn't get in my daughter's hair!

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