Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lighting Options

My kids love lights and while I have yet to do this for my son's room I'll post the idea here and maybe someone can use it. Christmas time is over but maybe the Christmas lights can be a wonderful idea for your sensory child. You can string up lights around the edges of the ceiling for a different lighting effect such as on constant or flashing or running. Now I know there are some kids (like mine) that will pull them out or play with the electrical plug so here was my wonderful idea. They have kid electrical safety devices that go over the electrical socket as well as the plug that is plugged in. (This works with some children but not all as mine can figure out almost anything and so I don't dare call anything 'child-proof'.) To take care of the cord going UP the wall you can get some things at the hardware store that can screw in to cover up cords. If you use this type of thing probably the best place to put it would be the corner or use it straight up from the electrical socket. I can't think of the name of them but maybe I should take my camera into the hardware store. :)

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