Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dollar Store Finds

There are many products on the market that can help in sensory related issues. Surprisingly many of these products can be found or something simular in your local dollar store. I wanted to show you how simple it can be to get some things to help your SPD child depending on their sensory needs.

I found these scissors to be really cool with that yellow piece that sticks out.
You fold it towards the blades and it helps open the scissors. This is great for kids
with low muscle tone or help in areas of movement.

I couldn't resist being a mom of a boy. These can deal with oral as well as auditory.
These are all great oral activities although I am sure you can get some other sensory input as well such as tactile and auditory. (The pom-poms are to blow not to put in the mouth.)

This is a MUST for any mom of a preschooler or a SPD child. Lay the shower curtain on the floor and allow your kid to play with Moon Sand, Play Dough, Paint or whatever and when they're finished pick it up by the corners and do with the remains what you want (put it back in a container or throw out) and if it's really messy go take it out in the backyard and hose it down and let it air dry. No messy carpet... well, if your child doesn't play off of the shower curtain.

I want to remind you these are just a few of the things I found there was also bubble wrap, coloring books crayons, ribbon sticks, frisbees, balls of all sorts, contact paper, things that spin in the wind with and without chimes, and so much more that you could use on a limited budget but it all depends on what your child needs. Seriously look at what helps your child's sensory issues and when is the best time to use them to help your child cope.

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