Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Painting and the Sensory Avoider

I know there are some kids who are not sensory seekers but sensory avoiders. If your child hates getting messy and yet they want to paint. I know this can be a huge problem and so here are some ideas for you if this happens to be your type of sensory child.
  • When it comes to painting you can allow them to play with paint in a baggy that is sealed. You can even include a piece of paper in their so you can keep their artwork when they're done squishing it on a flat surface smearing the paint around.
  • Medical gloves is another alternative for allowing them to play with paint but not with direct contact. (I am not sure if they make kid medical gloves so if you happen to know of a company I would love to know so I can share it with others.)
  • Another way to paint without getting messy is putting the paint into spray bottles and spraying it on the paper.
  • In craft stores and office stores they sell bottles to put water in to seal envelopes. This would work well if they want to use something like a paint brush but don't want to get messy.
  • Crayola also makes glitter paint and glue that is in squeezy tubes. This also might be an alternative for your sensory avoider who wants to paint.

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