Monday, February 21, 2011

When All Else Fails...

My family rarely gets sick with anything although like normal after having a baby you get EVERYTHING and strep throat is no exception. In the midst of feeling horrid and trying to get my cell phone from my couch that ate it I had to flip the couch over. Now if I was thinking in my 'what can I use to mellow my kids out' type of mind frame I would have had them flip the couch over with some help and direction but I was too sick to do that. However, from all of this I learned that if you are out of boxes for kids to climb into and you can't trust them with plastic storage bins and you're needing to clean out your couches from the wonderful piece of fabric they put on the bottom to catch everything you never knew a couch could actually eat. It might be well worth your time to allow them to help you flip the couch over and clean and in the midst of all of it depending on what type of couch you have they might discover a hiding place that will give you a few minutes of peace and quiet... until you have to flip it over again or they get bored.

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