Monday, February 7, 2011

Carol Kranowitz has done it again!

She came out with another book full of activities for kids with sensory issues! I have yet to buy it but I just might use the gift card I earned from using Swagbucks to get this one. She has some of the best activities and ideas that are so simple even for busy mom's with busy kids. If I get it I will write a review and link it to here.

If you don't know what Swagbucks is it is a program where you put their searchbar on your internet. When you do searches on the web you end up getting points called Swagbuck points. These points add up in various different ways and you can get several different things with them. (I just happen to get Amazon gift cards due to how often I go there to look at reviews and buy products.) There is no cost whatsoever involved and so if you're tight on cash and would like to basically get free products this is one way to go cheap. You can access it from the link on the bottom left side of my blog.

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