Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sensory Swing Set Up

The things dangling off the board on the left are spring links.
They are what we use to hook up the sensory swings.
 One huge investment that was very cheap was installing the basis for a sensory swing that would be placed on our ceiling to allow our son to swing, bounce, and climb. I don't have pictures of all the different parts because ours has been up for a while but I'll list the tools and supplies you'll need to make one just like it. Mind you, any type of ceiling structure for this type of thing MUST be attatched to a tress or beam in your ceiling. Ours, due to the fact that it was unsafe to place upstairs, was put up in our downstairs livingroom.

Tools Needed:
2X6 board long enough to hit at least 2 tresses
Stud Finder
Large Eye Hook Screws (2)
Carriage Bolts (4)

Find at least 2 studs in your ceiling and drill a hole slightly smaller than then the carriage bolts that you'll be using. Make sure they are long enough to go through the 2X6, sheet rock, and into the tress. I believe ours was 3 inches although it might have been a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch longer. We put two on each side but you can do it by only putting in one. We wanted ours really secure so this is what my husband did. Once the 2X6 is securely screwed in with the carriage bolts then you can screw in some thick eye hooks. You want them big enough to put a clip through and durable enough not to bend under your child's weight or any movement (bouncing, rocking, swinging, climbing) they may do on the swing. Then test it AGAIN before you allow your children on it.

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