Saturday, February 26, 2011

How I Get Some of My Books

Face it. Books can be very expensive and sometimes you find that one treasure at the library or maybe you found something that you think will help you from Amazon or an online book store but you don't have the money to get it. It's on your wish list but that's where it is going to stay because you can't afford it or you don't want to spend the full price.

Hitting used book stores, thrift stores, and garage sales is hit and miss. You'll never know if what you are looking for is there or not and sometimes it's a wasted trip if it's only for a book. Some stores aren't even organized and I have found in many cases half-price books is a rip off both in their selling and buying although they do have some good deals. So what's another option?

I overheard someone at church once talking about swagbucks and decided to check it out for myself. Basically you put their searchbar on your PC and use it to do your searches. As you use the net you randomly get points. As you get points you can purchase different things from their website. One of the best deals on there is 450 points can buy you $5 at Amazon. I've been using Swagbucks for about 6 months and have gotten $25 in Amazon gift cards which I have used and am getting my 6th $5 card.

The steals I get is because I don't buy my books always through amazon itself but I look in their used section. Sometimes it's not worth getting the products through other sellers as you might find a book on Amazon for $7.99 and your purchase will be over $25 which means free shipping. However, spending the money through ordering through Amazon might not be the best option if you only want one book that is sold for $1 or under used and in the condition you desire and pay the $3.99 shipping. This is how I got my last book and it didn't cost me money. It was paid for just by doing what I do on the net... mainly looking for ideas for my SPD kiddo and also for my blog.

I have a link on the bottom of my website that you can click and go there very easily and sign up. It really does work and I wouldn't talk about it if it didn't work. However, seeing I posted about various books I didn't think it was fair to not share how you can buy these books without spending money... or as much money as you would otherwise.

(The book on the left side of this blog is the one I got for free using the steps I did posted above.)

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