Friday, February 25, 2011

More Books for Kids with SPD and Autism

Here are two more books for kids about sensory issues and autism. These ones I have read and my personal opinion about them. I am also working on starting a page that is strickly for kids books on these types of issues but it's still in the making so be patient with me.

The Chameleon Kid by Elaine Marie Larson
I picked this book up at the library. It is about controlling Meltdown before he controls you. The book is in a comic book type form with a rhyming rhythm. Not sure how well it'll work with really young kids but it might work for elementary age kids.

Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson
I picked this book up also at the library. It is about this boy who spends his time spinning things over and over again and a girl who notices this behavior. I really enjoyed this book because it showed how this girl was trying to figure out why he acted different than other kids in the school yard and how she tried reaching out to him and her response when he ignored her. This book is more geared for someone trying to understand autism than a child who has autism.

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