Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stress Balls

Making a stress ball is really easy. They sell in the store for about $2.99 but you can make them for cents. The tools you'll need are simple but just like the stress balls at stores if you have a kid that chews on things this probably wouldn't be the best idea for them.

round balloons
a filler (rice, sand, water if you don't mind if they break, gel, cornstarch, flour, small smooth pebbles, ect)
Funnel (not needed for all fillers)

Step #1
Take the balloon and begin filling the balloon with your choice of filler. Keep pushing filler in even when it reaches the top until you get the desired firmness.

Step #2
Take the balloon and tie it in a knot. Cut off remaining top.

Step #3
Take a second balloon to wrap over the filled balloon for added strength. You may tie it or you can use several balloons with small cut holes of different colors for a more colorful and unique stress ball.

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