Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Theraputic Household Chores

There are some very interesting things I am learning about SPD that I didn't know before. Most people when they think of therapy equipment they think of store bought name brand products. However, in every day simple tasks there is therapy things that can happen. Just outside your front door or back door therapy can take place. Seeing we're trying to get organized there are a lot of household things that normally you don't think about when it comes to therapy. I'll name a few:

~Laundry - I have found pulling clothing out of the washer can be a great challenge especially if it's a front loader and it's something heavy like towels. Another laundry task is transfering the laundry from washer to dryer which may not seem like it but if you happen to have a top load washer to a front loading dryer you're moving your head as well as carrying clothing if both washer and dryer are front loaders then you're turning your head back and forth. The task of carrying the laundry in a basket is another one. You can carry, push or pull a basket of laundry to another room so that it can be folded. Folding laundry is a task that I hate but it does require staying on task and matching clothing in such a way that it folded neatly. Remember you're not expecting perfection you're expecting them to do their best.

~Vacuuming - This can be another issue that can help provided the sound of the vacuum doesn't set off sensory issues. The pushing and pulling of the vacuum especially depending on how heavy it is can be a way to meet sensory needs. If you can just use the hose you can work on hand coordination as you suck up stuff off the floor. If you don't have anything just try a few cheerios on the floor.

~ Putting Groceries Away - This task requires lifting weight. In our house my daughter loves putting away food. An easy task for her 3 yr old size is putting cans on the bottom shelf of our pantry. We also allow her to try to carry bags into the house from the car. If they're too heavy we allow her to pull them across the floor to the kitchen.

~ Putting Away Toys - This one is kind of weird because you want your kids to already be doing this but it might help in some ways if your child needs to pull things to get them a bucket to haul around as they pick up toys from one room to another.

These are just a few things you can do that are every day type chores that can be used as therapy if you don't have any tools at home to work with. I know I haven't been doing a lot of posts on here I've just been really busy with the holidays.

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