Monday, March 7, 2011

Games for SPD Kids

A few games my SPD child LOVES that I will share with you today aren't always the quietest games around but they do involve movement which is what my son craves.

This game is really simple and your child can play it by himself. The lights on the mole heads light up and you try to hit them. The game keep score of how many moles you hit but watch out because if you hit a mole that is not lit up you loose one point. The settings can be picked of having a 1 or 2 player game as well as two levels of difficulty.

This game is fun because it requires my son to have balance and to put his body in odd shapes. It is more fun for him with a group. If you don't have this game it's pretty simple to make something that'll work as it is a grid of 4 colors. Each color is in a row and then you just call the color and the placement of a right or left hand or foot.

Humgry Hippos
This game is not okay for kids who put things in their mouths. The sensory input of this game is making the mouths of the hippos open and close to gobble up marbles. I suppose this could also be done with some round candy or cereal maybe but I haven't tried it. It can get kind of noisy with all the hippos trying to eat.

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