Friday, March 18, 2011

Sensory Room Blackout Curtain Ideas

Most kids with SPD have a hard time sleeping at night. It can help a lot to darken a room but not all solutions will work for your child. Our first thing was buy some fabric that doesn't let light in. Most fabric stores sell it. We have hung it one of two ways. We have hung it like a curtain with a simple stitch up top for a rod but we have also tacked it down in the window sill. The bad thing about hanging it was he pulled on it the bad thing about the tacks was he learned to take them out. One family I know was so worried about it they used tempra paint and painted his entire window black for lack of another option that would keep their little guy safe but keep his room dark. We did finally buy blackout roller shade combined with a blackout type curtain that is a dark blue color which works well with our son especially now that he's older. Other things that would do in a pinch is hanging a thick dark colored blanket up over their window.

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