Monday, July 30, 2012

Learning letters sensory style

I seriously wish I could find the cords to my external hard-drive so I could empty the contents on my laptop so I could post pictures but it's still missing. :(
Anyhow, I wanted to share something that I found at our local dollar store the other day. There is a more expensive version at homeschool stores and things of that nature but the dollar store was cheaper.
One of the issues my son has had problems with is learning to write his letters. They go in the wrong directions and he forgets how to write them. So there were these cards that had sandpaper like texture just on the letters that you could put your fingers on and follow the letters reinforcing your letter shapes. Now this can be done by yourself with sand paper but I think it might be more expensive... maybe. However, I got to thinking about how some kids don't like the rough feeling that sand paper would bring but never fear I have a solution... I hope.

What are some other things you can use that your child might like that will help them with their letters?
  • Glue that is hardened
  • Glue with salt to make it rough and crystalized
  • Gluing beans, cereal, or other objects to give letters a different feel
  • Gluing fabric letters onto cards of various textures
  • Cutting out jello letters with letter cookie cutters
  • Gluing small pieces of crumpled tissue paper or newspaper
  • and so much more.

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