Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chore Cooperation

One of the biggest chores I have had with special needs kids is figuring out something that works to get them to help around the house. Seems like a little issue but as a mom of three trying to maintain our home is a difficult task. My children, just like all children need to learn how to do things they don't want to do but sometimes things can be over whelming.
I took a piece of regular lined paper and wrote down the following
'Mommy's Chores', 'Son's Chores' and 'Daughter's Chores' and seeing we're homeschoolers I add 'homework'. I give myself 10 chores and each of my kids 5 chores just for the morning. By seeing the list that is broken down into 10 small chores rather than big ones he knows exactly what I am asking him to do, the list is small, and they're fairly quick tasks. He can see how close he is getting as we mark each chore off the list. After his first 5 chores he can do some activity or get a treat of some sort depending on the day.
This has worked fairly easy even on the difficult days like after his routine has been changed such as Independence Day. I still have to make sure he's done his list but for those who need an idea of what types of tasks I put on there I do things like:
  • make your bed (I don't demand perfection but an attempt)
  • pick up your dirty laundry
  • clean the bathroom sink
  • put silverware from dishwasher away
  • pick up all the toys downstairs
  • fold your clothes
  • pick up laundry in bathroom
  • vacuum the rug
  • put DVD's back in their cases
  • wipe off the kitchen table
  • take the trash (we use grocery bags) to the garbage
These are just a few ideas of some of the chores I give them. Sometimes he helps me come up with chores that he wants to do but our minimum for the day is 5 chores. I have found implimenting this type of thing helps him to see that chores can be very quick which helps him learn to transition from one activity to another when asked. Sometimes I have also had to time him doing a job to show him how quickly a task can be done. I also get cooperation later on in the day when it comes to having him do a chore off the list.

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