Monday, June 11, 2012

One thing I am looking at purchasing is some body socks. Now it may sound stupid or crazy but it's amazing how often my children go playing through blankets or curl up in their shirts with their shirts over their knees stretching our their shirts beyond ever getting back into shape. Unfortunately I am unaware of how to go about making one. I think I have an idea and seeing the lycra mix I got at Walmart was $1yd and I have 5yds I'm going to attempt to make one just for the fun of it and see what he does with it... or maybe my 4 yr old. Might have to make a special shopping trip to get more lycra depending on how much they like it. I'll work on it tomorrow and if all else fails I'll just tie it at the ends after making them scrunch up their legs to see how well it works without spending an arm and a leg.

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  1. How AWESOME!!! Can't wait to come over and see it!!