Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am up and running and now it is time to get an external hard drive. I didn't do this before and lost ALL my pictures and websites. It's ALL gone. :(  Unfortunately some of the pictures I had were to go on this blog and I appologize. I didn't listen to my dad and do something so simple. (See why you're supposed to obey your parents!)
One of the things I have been doing lately is dealing with my son hanging off our stair rail and my daughter climbing up the closet shelves. I have found allowing my son and daughter to play in the lycra swing is benefical. Somehow my son is able to physically climb up the lycra swing and touch the ceiling allowing himself the ability to climb and yet swing. My daughter being younger and smaller gets a good work out getting in and out of the swing and thus takes care of her climbing escapades.
Another product we bought and have been using is a product called a 'Gigaball'. It is a huge ball with two openings. It can hold I think 150 lbs in it. You can climb into the ball and roll around. It is nice because should you ball get punctured there are quite a few air chambers allowing much better change of finding the leak and patching it. We do not use shoes in the ball and pockets must be emptied of any possible objects that might pop the ball. We also only used it in the grassed area of our yard. (Other areas in our neighborhood that are tracks tend to have sticker bushes.) When the ball slowly deflates our children tend to climb up on a toy structure about 2 ft high off the ground and jump on top of it making a great crash pad. The ball is quite durable because it hasn't seemed to effect the ball at this point in time. We have also had more than one kid in the ball at a time and made them work as a team to roll the ball across the yard. Do not use the ball on a hill and send your kid rolling no matter how much they enjoy spinning or forward rolls. Not a good idea. In fact, if your kids are like mine keep them AWAY from hills as the temptation may be too great.

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