Monday, September 19, 2011

Making Visuals to help Memorize

Once again I still don't have my PC so I thought I would share some ideas that might help and then later post pictures. One of the tasks I am doing to help my son learn his days of the week is provide visuals. Most kids on the Autism Spectrum and who have ADHD are very visual. Long time ago I was helping in a girls church program which required Scripture memorization or they didn't pass. Not all the parents helped their kids with the memory verses and so I began to use visuals. I wondered if I did the same thing but with the days of the week if it would work and it is paying off.
I do have pictures but I'll let you be creative.

Sunday - a picture of a sun
Monday - my son learned the sound 'M' makes so I put a big letter 'M' up.
Tuesday - my son knows the number 2 and so I have a number 2 up.
Wednesday - this picture I made a picture of a cloud blowing making it windy.
Thursday - this one was tricky. I finally decided to make a 'Th' seeing it has it's own distinct sound. I tell him to stick out his tongue on this one so I suppose that might work too. :)
Friday - I made a frying pan
Saturday - This one is tricky too but I make a chair for the 'sat' part of Saturday. Might need to change it because my son keeps calling it 'sit' day. LOL

Later I will make pictures of different things we do on these days. So Sunday and Wednesday will have a church by it. Days my husband has off will have a picture of my husband home. And of course we will add or change things as they come and go so he can have an idea of what is expected on those particular days.

This can be used for anything though not just the days of the week. The key that I have found is that the item or picture doesn't have to be the word or a picture of it but something that will jog their memory. Sometimes you can get really creative and do things like shooting a rubberband through a toliet paper tube for the word 'through'. Or putting something in a cup for the word 'in'. Cutting out a picture of an eye could work for 'I'. Remember these are just visual clues. This won't work for all children but for the younger kids I have worked with in the past this has worked fairly well. I hope it'll help someone with memory work.

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