Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homemade Bean Bag Toss Game

My son who has SPD has a hard time regulating his emotions. When he's mad we're all on alert because he tends to get violent and destructive. (We have holes in doors and dents in walls in his room due to his outbursts.) We have suggested many things but this is a new thing I am trying.

I found a large box and cut holes into the box. Due to how rough my son is with things I chose to reinforce the edges with strong tape to make it a little bit more durable. (Thank goodness it's just a cardboard box!) I then made some bean bags. I used white rice and securely sewed it. If you can't sew that is okay. Some other options you might consider is putting rice, or something into a plastic baggie and then securely taping the bag shut. You could also fill a ballon with beans or rice and tie off the end. (To get it fuller you pull the balloon downward stretching it and it makes more room.)

Other options:
  • Make the bean bag out of different material on the outside. If you sew use different types of fabrics if you don't sew look for different objects you can fill such as a sock.
  • Fill the bean bag with different things. If you need a heavier bean bag you can try using beans or poly pellets. For a lighter one you can fill it with newspaper, easter bunny filling, shredded paper, or fabric scraps. For a noisy one you can add some plastic packaging, a bell, newspaper, or a squeaker toy.
  • Place the cardboard box at a different angle.
  • Make the holes larger or smaller.
  • Use an object different than a bean bag. I like bean bags because they don't bounce but if you want something fun that won't damage anything another option might be ping pong balls.

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