Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Time for Me

One thing I have noticed for myself that being a parent of a child with special needs is not a task for the weak in any way, shape or form. It requires all of you and then some. It is draining. You seriously are on-call 24/7. Finding someone to give you a break can be a difficult task as well as keeping that person as a resource.
As a parent I strongly encourage you to find something for yourself to do that you enjoy. When you child goes to bed or before they wake up find something for you whether it be a hot shower you can enjoy, journalling, drawing, reading, watching a movie or even looking at old photos to remind you there are good days in the midst of many draining ones. Many times I know for our family my parents have been there to step in and help watch the kids giving me a break but not all families have that ability. Not all kids are going to do okay in public school and they must be brought home to be educated. In spite of all of this find some time that you can have alone apart from your child even if it is before they get up or after they've gone to bed. It doesn't have to be every single day but try to find some time at least once a week where you are able to focus on you because taking care of a special needs child is both draining and rewarding no matter what special need you are dealing with.
Maybe the time that you set apart for yourself is time to cry and vent the frustration and grief through tears. Maybe you are going to spend that time journaling or blogging. Maybe you're going to just step back and focus on something you enjoy whether it be reading, baking, sewing, scrapbooking, listening to music or whatever. Find something even if it's for 10 minutes to take a step back and give yourself a break.
I also strongly encourage you, if you are struggling feeling like you are getting no where, to journal. Write down the struggles and progresses you and your child are making. What are things you have learned or realized about your child? What things have they mastered or have improved in? What things are you doing different that are working better for you? These little nuggets are going to be able to be looked on when you feel all you are doing is treading water to let you know you are moving forward even if it's a little bit more than where you were before. It is still progress.

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