Sunday, February 12, 2012

How We Hung Our Lycra Swing (Detailed)

I recently got a comment from someone asking to go into more detail on how we hung up our swing and so I'm going to try to get as detailed as I can. If you don't need this much detail then I hope you take a look around my blog and find something that is helpful in some way.

Tools Needed:
Stud Finder
2x6 board that is straight
4 hex bolts that are long enough to go through the board, a washer, the drywall of your ceiling and into the tresses securely. (I think we did a 3.5'' one but you could probably do a 4 if you're not sure and they were fairly thick.)
4 washers that fit the bolts. You want them to have a wide rim for lack of a better word.
2 eye bolts that will go through the board that you use.

Step #1: Choose your location wisely. We chose downstairs because of the risk that our children presented with their desire to climb and their need for speed and we have a rail upstairs that they most likely would try to climb up on to get a bigger thrill and we didn't want them going over the edge. However, make sure to take into consideration windows and doors. You don't want them hitting them or someone accidently hitting your child who may not realize they're on the swing if they go in a weird direction. Choose very carefully!!!

Step: #2: Once you pick your spot you need to take a stud finder and run it across your ceiling. You need to determine where the tresses are and which way they are running. Use a pencil to mark where they are and which way they are going. You will want to at least find 2 if not 3 different tresses for safetly and stability. Measure the distance between these 2-3 different tresses and add about 4 inches. (This is the length you will need for the board.) Mark the location where you need the screws and board to go. Mark the board with the same measurements for the screws.

Step #3: When you have cut your board to the length needed you are going to want your board to be able to be attatched on at least 2 different tresses. (We used a 2x6 board.) If you measure how far apart these tresses are exactly you can predrill a hole in the board. If you drill the hole slightly smaller than the screws you will find that it is far easier drilling the board into the ceiling. This is the time that if you want to sand and paint your board that you need to do it if you want it to look decent. Remember to allow it to dry if you do decide to paint it. If you look at the picture of our swing set up you'll realize the bolts are staggered and there are two on each end. Remember these must go through the length of board you have just drilled and go up through the drywall and deep into the tresses for safety.

Step #4: Drill the board onto to ceiling where you have indicated using the bolts first and then add the eye bolts. Remember the eye bolts that you want to use are going to be able to have to have a hook through them in some sort of fashion and they'll have the weight of your child and the equipment on them. You want a sturdy eye hook.

Step #5: Before you allow your child to get on the swing test it. You want to make sure it can hold more than the weight of the child and the swing as well as any bouncing/swinging they will do on it. If you do it incorrectly the board can fall off and hurt the child. This should be done any time you put the child on a swing like this. Even therapy places test their equipment and make sure that things are secure and parents need to do the same.

Step #6: If your set up is safe make sure you end up putting down some padding. Carpet is NOT enough and while I hope your child doesn't fall out of the set up you have for your child it does happen. Some ideas to put under your swing while your child is on it could be things like foam floor padding, a bean bag, a mattress of some sort, or a crash pad just for a few examples. Remember that all the padding in the world is not as good as a parents supervision.

If you have no clue of the materials you need we got all our supplies at Home Depot. If you explain to them what you are doing they can give you a really good idea of what you need. You will need most likely to explain that this is going into your ceiling and will be holding your child on a piece of theraputic equipment. Have an idea of how much your child weighs and the equipment or at least a good guess helps them. Remember also that your child will grow and that once friends realize what it is that you might be having more children over as well.

Also make sure you teach your child and all in your house about safety not just for the person on the swing but the people in the house. We have established in our home something called, 'The Whacking Zone' in which the swing's radius is and people are to stay out of it when the swing is up and someone is on it as well as the person on the swing has to remain aware as much as their ability allows them to those how might not be aware of the rules or understand them who could get hit.

I would get pictures but I have new camera and I'm not sure how to use it yet. It's not like our old one as you can't see what you are taking a picture of or how close you are until we get a screen for it. I hope this helps. If you need more help then respond to this post and leave your email or I can give you mine and I can discuss this further or get exact measurements.

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