Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Honestly, I haven't been doing a ton of things sensory wise lately. I've been pretty busy with my ASL classes. One of the things that I ended up realizing helps my son a lot with motor skills as well as working on his ability to create (imagination) and his social skills is Legos. (We have Mega Bloks and Legos and both work.) Sometimes I give my son the challenge to build something I mention such as an object sometimes I just let him play. When his sister come to play with him we work on manners and social acceptable behavior so things like sharing and talking about what we need and how to get it the right way and if we don't get it how to deal with the disappointment or frustration. Its a fun task and as we play he picks up skills that help him in social situations that are in a play environment at home where he can practice doing it right.

Some things we work on in detail are as follows:
  • We work on asking for legos we need to finish a project
  • We ask for help if legos are stuck rather than putting them in our mouth
  • We work on handling the answer 'no' and the disappointment that comes with it.
  • We talk about what he has created and how it works.
  • We talk about colors and shapes
  • We work on coming up with alternative solutions to problems we face.
  • We work on dealing with frustration when something doesn't work the way we want it to
  • We work on following instructions that come in the box of legos to get the desired look
  • We work on transitioning from Legos to another task. Sometimes this includes saving a project outside of the play area or setting it in nicely so it doesn't break.

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