Saturday, February 18, 2012

The importance of posting your address in a visible place

I was at my friends house for a visit and her special needs child stopped breathing in spite of monitors and a trache and ventilator. It was scary. Everyone knows when 911 is called one of the things they ask for is an address. I had no clue of my friend's address to be honest and eventually the information was gotten in the midst of the chaos. The baby began breathing again (Thank you Jesus!).
Anyhow, before the baby left my friend gave me a hug, still shaking, and I told her for safety reasons she needed her address posted around her house simple because of the special needs her one child has. So that she can focus on her daughter and someone else can focus on dealing with 911.
Of course as I drove home with two of my kids that my children don't know their address. Not only that but how many people in the midst of an emergency remember what their address is and can spit it out off the top of their head? So needless to say tonight I will be making posters with our address and putting it on the inside of our front door, the inside of our medicine cupboard, the backs of our home phones, the base of our home phone, as well as upstairs posted in the family room to get to in an instant.
My son who is 6 would be able to repeat these numbers in order but he doesn't have them memorized so it's something that I am going to be doing tonight.

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