Monday, September 2, 2013

A few products we have gotten or will be getting

I have deleted some of my other blogs but I have kept this one open because I know people still refer back to it quite often. I know I have severely neglected this page but life can take you on unexpected twists and turns not to mention I got tired of struggling to post pics on blogger. I think it's due to my PC but who knows.
There are some products I'd like to share on this blog post that I have either tried or will be trying to help curb some sensory issues that we are dealing with in our household.

1. I recently purchased a climbing dome. It's not here yet but it was FAR cheaper than a climber or most swing sets. Seeing we live in an HOA the metal kind of swing set is not allowed not to mention my children would probably ruin in within a year. So we found this site and purchased one of these for our backyard:

I realized that this type of structure would allow my children to hang but not on the stair rail. I could easily tie some lycra to the structure to allow the kids to swing. (We got the 10x5 if you are curious.) We could put a blanket or tarp over it for them to hide under and just allow their imagination to run wild. There were some problems during purchasing but over all we worked the kinks out and it seems that everything is going smoothly. (There were issues with Paypal). This company is in Texas and honestly the shipping is reasonable if you don't live in Texas.

Another product that I am loving is a curriculum which is called Handwriting Without Tears. These books have really helped my son and some public and private schools use them. This book really helped with my son's handwriting. The only problem we have had is that my son doesn't lift up his pencil like he should when writing in print. One of his doctors ended up telling us to move him into cursive which this company does have to curb this problem. This curriculum can be purchased through multiple places including Amazon, Rainbow Resource Center and their actual homepage. I found that the teacher's handbooks are more or less for a larger classroom so I didn't purchase the one for 3rd grade.

One product I am planning on buying happens to be a product that costs about $3. I know you can find it at Walmart and they're called Bubba Straws. They are silicone and for kids, like mine, that are chewing on everything and you want to make some chewable jewelry this is one cheaper route to go that allows you to have some color. 5 straws come in a pack and are in pastel colors. They also can be purchased off amazon or their own company.

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