Monday, September 9, 2013

Academic Balance Beam

One thing I try to do is incorporate therapy ideas with learning. I have this wonderful idea of using a balance beam. Not all kids are able to use one but if they are or even with a child's help it can help a child use coordination and balance. This week we will be making a balance beam and decided to incorporate reading and math into this task. I will use index cards with words or math problems on them or answers and allow my children to walk down the beam and find the answers or word I am asking for. There are several ways to use this type of technique.
  1. Having the child bend down to reach the card on the ground. In this case you'll want a low balance beam or even in some cases tape on the floor or chalk outside. It really depends upon the abilities of your child. If you have a young child it could be asking them get a toy or a snack.
  2. Another one is having a child walk over the cards or objects to get the right answer or object.
  3. Lastly, you can have the children walk down to the end of the beam jump off pick up the object or card and get back on and give it to you. You could put a crash pad, couch cushions or whatever needed at the end for more of a sensory impact.
For me, my kids are at all different levels academically. I tend to meet them where they are and because they're kinesthetic learners they do best with movement. If balance is required while learning this task can be very similar to a 'T-stool' which can help concentration.

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