Monday, September 2, 2013

Update on us

Okay so I thought it would be helpful to share with some of you the diagnosis we are facing as some things have changed since I last wrote.
So there has been a lot of questions about what my son has or doesn't have. We've been through the ringer in a lot of ways trying to get a diagnosis and help in this area and not because he's a bad kid but just that we needed answers to know how to help him deal with his issues. His final diagnosis is severe ADHD (both the impulsive and compulsive), SPD, and dyslexia. The part that hinders him the most in my opinion is the first two diagnosis. Sometimes one is worse that the other but we just take things one day at a time.
My middle child is un-diagnosed but I am assuming because ADHD and dyslexia are hereditary at least in our family that she probably has ADD and dyslexia. For her the more severe issue is the dyslexia.
My youngest child is unilaterally hard of hearing and has sensory issues. Once again the sensory issues is worse than the hearing loss.
All of my SPD kiddos are seekers. All of my kids are mostly kinesthetic learners. That means they are on the go craving input constantly. It's exhausting but through prayer and talking with other SPD mommies I have found a nice support of friends. I also have found a few support groups on Facebook that have been a huge help as well and have gotten a ton of ideas off of pinterest.

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