Monday, April 25, 2011

A cheap 'chewy'

When a child has oral sensory issues it can cause a lot of problems. Our biggest one with our son happened to be he was chewing on his t-shirt collars so bad they were stretched and beyond repair. Besides that once they were chewed they got wet and he'd take it iff and refuse to put it on again because it was wet.
Our occupational therapist at the time gave us a rubber piece of tubing.  It was wonderful... until he lost it. I was able to find a local medical supply store and buy some for like $0.33 a foot. I got a yard of two different sizes so allow him to use it as a necklace or tie it in knots and chew on the knots for a harder chew.
Here is a picture of ours. I did find at Sports Authority they have colorful rubber tubing of different strengths and thinknesses.

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