Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean me up rag

One thing that I hear a lot from sensory avoiders is that they won't touch anything that is slimy, sticky, dirty, ect. My daughter doesn't have SPD but hates her hands being messy to some degree. We have found keeping a wet washcloth at the dinner table seriously helps the numerous trips to the bathroom to wash her fingers before she's done eating.
So while I was thinking about sensory avoiders I thought about her and this issue among other kids and parents that I've talked about and seeing I had these washclothes around (actually for another project) I decided to use them for this craft.
You will need a washcloth and some craft paints. If your child likes a certain texture you might want to find something that has a simular texture. Remember it doesn't have to be terry cloth but it could be flannel which is softer and without the bumps. Make sure to secure the edges though because flannel will fray.
Step #1 - Lay the washcloth on the cardboard or other painting surface.
Step #2 - Pour small amounts of paint onto a painting tray or a plastic lid.
Step #3 - Have the child dip his or her finger into the paint and then wipe it off on the washcloth to get it off. You might want to have a wet paper towel in case they don't wipe the paint completely off and they're upset.

My daughter found this to be so much fun she painted her arm.

Step#4 - When they're done they not only have stayed clean but they can use this to help them stay clean and remind them that they can always wash off. It's also a great reminder to us parents later on of how far our kids have come.

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