Friday, April 8, 2011

Homemade Lycra Moby Wrap

My newest baby hated being swaddled she loved being free but she loved pressure input. I needed a way to hold her that would soothe her and yet I could be able to get something done. I ended up going online and looking at Moby Wraps and found I could make them myself. I happened just by chance finding some bright yellow lycra material at Wal-mart for $5 for 5yds. This was perfect because most moby wraps are anywhere from 5-6ft depending on your body build. Lycra material is also wonderful for a Moby Wrap because it requires no sewing as well as it is stretchy.
To make a lycra Moby Wrap all you do is take your 5-6ft of Lycra and cut it length wise so you have two strips of 5-6ft that are approximately 18" each. It may vary some and that is completely okay.
To put it on find the middle of your fabric. Put it at your belly button. Take the right and put it behind you and over your left shoulder. Take the left side and put it over your right shoulder. Put both pieces together in the front and tuck them in the fabric at your belly button. Cross them and wrap around to the back and tie or you can tie them all the way around to your front again and tie.
To put the baby in you want to put them in the side that the fabric is closest to you so in the instructions above put their left leg in the right piece of fabric that went over your shoulder. Then put the right leg in on the left side. Fix the fabric where their bottom is to give it good support. Put up the fabric that is around your belly around the baby. My daughter sleep like this for quite some time.
If these instructions didn't help you might consider looking at a Moby Wrap Tutorial online or at You Tube.

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