Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Controling the slimy texture craver

Having one kid with sensory issues is a challenge but when you begin understanding the many aspects SPD can have and how it affects each child individually and uniquely it is amazing what you end up missing. I got this book the other day through Amazon or Borders. I was flipping through the book skimming various activities when I saw this cartoon. (Sorry about how dark it is I was taking pictures of stuff last night and the flash made the cartoon almost impossible to see.)
Anyhow, I got this book for my son and his sensory issues. I didn't think anything of my almost 3 yr old daughter at all as she is nothing like my son at all. This picture PERFECTLY shows her to a 'T'. I was so frustrated at the constant emptying out of bottles of shampoo, ointment, cooking oil, and teething gel. No matter what I have tried it has been a fruitless attempt to say in the least. Now that I see this picture it helped me see that my daughter craves tactile input... mainly slimy input. I have to admit that I am thinking 'Oh great, A slimy mess to deal with.' I realize at the same time I already have them to deal with constantly with her. The difference will be that I will be able to control what she gets in to deal with her need for playing in slimy things thus controling the mess to some degree.

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