Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Make Your Own Ispy Bag

This I Spy Bag is at the Etsy Shop Giggle Junction.
The link to her site is below but this is what the I Spy
Bags look like although the instructions below are
for a simplier style.
I have seen these on Etsy.com where you can buy multiple styles and shapes. This bags have a small viewing window that you can use to find the hidden things inside the bag. To do this toy you must have a sewing machine. If this lady had her Etsy site up I would share that too but since I can't find it I won't be able to until she opens another one.

How to Make An I Spy Bag

Here is an Etsy shop that sells them: Etsy Store: Giggle Junction I am not sure if this seller has the items to find listed on the back but I know some of them on Etsy do so you know you found everything.

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