Monday, May 23, 2011


One thing I have been thinking to do and finally got what I needed to accomplish the task is getting my son a pulley. My son loves pulling cords, string and any long piece of fabric if I let him and usually I don't mind it provided it is not a trap or tied up everywhere with knots that aren't standard as they're twisted in several directions.
So I went and bought him a pulley to hang from our sensory swing to go with the rope I bought to hang up his tire swing. I took the rope and heat sealed the ends and made sure I tied a knot in it so that it wouldn't come undone in case he accidently let go as I knew I would get tired of getting up on a stool to rethread the pulley.

I knew that he could find a bucket to use to tie the rope to and I let him figure that one out by himself to give his brain a creative workout.

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