Monday, May 23, 2011

Nursing Necklace

One of the things that drives me nuts with my nursing baby is the fact that she always seems to have a death grip on my hair. This is not uncommon as my other kids did it and if it didn't happen to most nursing mothers there wouldn't have been an idea for nursing necklaces.
After going on Etsy and looking around you get a pretty good idea of things you can make yourself. Having children with sensory issues I decided to make one but with a sensory flair.
Working on Etsy products I bought a bunch of beads. Many of my projects will use plastic beads because they're appealing to small children, less likely to break with rough use, and they come in all sorts of shapes and colors. However, with anything you allow a baby to play with you must watch them.

Sorry the picture isn't all that great. It is in the colors of
pink, yellow, cream and lavendar. The animals are safari
animals (elephant, rhino, zebra, lion, and giraffe).

First task is find your cord. There are several options but I strongly encourage you to use something that will not break after being slobbered on or washed after several uses.
The next step is deciding on what beads to use. The plastic pony beads come in many shapes and colors and string them on in any order you choose. (I chose a safari girly colored theme in this picture.)
An option I did was adding some taggies (ribbon) of different textures. This is something that my baby really enjoys. (You can heat seal the ribbons by using a lighter or a woodburner to make sure they don't fray.)
Lastly, tie a secure knot at the end and slip it over your head and allow your child to play with it as they're nursing.

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